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Community Profile of Manchester


The city of Manchester is a tapestry of geography, history and 28 neighborhoods, home to a mosaic of a diverse population of 108, 874 residents spread out over 33 square miles of land(U.S. Census Bureau 2007).


The target geographical area under consideration is bounded by Webster Street and Cilley Road to the North and South, and Mammoth Road and Merrimack River to the East and West. Currently, a population of 37, 259 persons reside in this selected study area and are dispersed within eight city neighborhoods, namely Downtown, parts of Straw Smyth, Corey Square, Hanover Hill, parts of Hallsville, Kalivas Union, Somerville, and parts of Bakersville.


The neighborhoods are not exactly defined blocks with stone walls around them. They ebb and flow with time, migrations and people longing for identity carved out by landform, economic level, language and religion. Thus, we believe that knowing each neighborhood is the key in order to cast a vision for the new church plant that meets the needs of the not-yet-Christians residing in the eight neighborhoods.




Community Survey & Outreach


Each neighborhood has a unique identity, our approach is to meet people where they are, affirming their identity. This includes hanging out at the ethnic corner stores to befriend Hispanics and Latinos in particular, taking walking tours along the walking trails available in the neighborhoods in order to talk to those walking, visiting parks and playing grounds, to reach those relaxing or playing, and finally participating in various community events, to increase the circle of friendship and sharing our dreams and love for the city.

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